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At Moreng Metal Products, we take great satisfaction in offering customers the most professional design support in the industry. Our expert design & manufacturing engineers work with our customers to address their specific needs during the concept phase, afterwards generating a complete set of drawings for a project. Moreng Metal sets itself apart from competitors by offering value-added services to your existing designs, including on-site visits/phone meetings by our senior engineers. These visits are critical in learning the intricacies of your product & offering potential design changes that could reduce the cost of producing your product & avoid potential tolerance issues in the future.

Moreng Metal Products uses industry leading Solidworks software in conjunction with Sheetworks bonus software to simplify our sheet metal design, validate the production process and optimize sheet metal sequencing for the production environment. Unfold features can automatically analyze, process, convert and save an unlimited number of our 3D models. Any potential manufacturing problems are corrected & addressed in the design stage (prior to production), which saves time & money.

Moreng Metal Products utilizes the Amada’s AP100US and Dr.Abe Blank CAM systems to program our AMADA lasers and turret presses with precision. All CNC programs are stored in a centralized database tied directly with our CNC machines, allowing for controlled & easy accessible data. Dr. Abe blank allows us to automatically generate NC Programs & utilize nesting features, which optimizes the best way to lay out multiple parts on the same sheet, increasing material efficiency and throughput. Dr. Abe Bend software is also utilized to substantially reduce setup times by programming the press brakes offline. This is the most powerful & effective way to automate the press brake machines.

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