Data Management

The amount of data we generate, store, utilize, and share in today’s information era is staggering—and the numbers just keep growing. According to 2017 report by Domo, Data Never Sleeps 5.0, ninety percent of all data to date was created in the previous two years—at a rate of a mind-boggling 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day! Once generated, all that data must be properly stored and protected—and that’s where we come in.

Moreng Metal Products builds custom-fabricated data-storage racks, server racks, battery-backup enclosures, specialty cabinets, card cages, wall mounts, and their related components as well as subassemblies for use in data centers, server farms, and other data-storage facilities. From conception and prototyping to finishing, assembly, and delivery, we offer integrated manufacturing services that save you time and money while ensuring top-quality results. Because we work hand-in-hand with our engineering and design teams, we’re able to avoid costly mistakes caused by lack of communication and ensure your products are built precisely to spec. Our high-volume automation equipment means we’re manufacturing 24/7, even after our shop teams go home, since our machines labor continuously throughout the night.

Our goal is to meet your data-management system needs with maximum speed, efficiency, precision, and flexibility. Whether you need raw components or custom one-piece or multi-part racks or enclosures, we can produce best-quality results within even the tightest timelines. Our mechanical and electromechanical integration teams can assemble components and wire in fans, cables, power supplies, and more, then conduct comprehensive safety, functionality, and performance testing, which speeds time to market and cuts costs while meeting your strictest standards and requirements. We can even deliver completely fabricated and assembled products, thanks to our in-house full box-build service.

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