Moreng Metal Products’ has been manufacturing elevator cabins, doors, and frames for decades. Our design and fabrication expertise are highly respected within in the industry—so much so that we were chosen to fabricate the elevator entrances for One World Trade Center. Also known as the Freedom Tower, this 104-storey building is the tallest in the U.S. and serves as a memorial to those we lost on 9/11, and we’re deeply honored to have been trusted with playing a role in its construction.

We understand that elevator components must adhere to strictest safety and quality standards, and with dedicated engineers on staff, we can partner with you to build custom components from the ground up to ensure exceptional quality at every stage of production. Our integrated manufacturing approach enables you to have greater control over the entire process, from conception and prototyping to fabrication, testing, and delivery. This strategy not only gives us strict control and allows us to adhere the most complex requirements, it also reduces lead times and manages costs.

Our design team leverages the most advanced software in the industry, SOLIDWORKS, to build intelligent models, then identify and correct errors, before we ever move the project out of the design phase. This helps improve safety and accuracy, prevents delays, and shortens time to delivery.

Once our shop takes over, our tremendously skilled teams can work within even the tightest of tolerances, ideal for producing components where exacting accuracy is critical. After assembly is complete, we conduct comprehensive functionality, safety, and performance testing so you can take delivery of a ready-to-install product.

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