Innovative Finishing Department

With a cutting-edge approach to integrated manufacturing, Moreng Metal Products does all of its design, manufacturing, finishing, and assembly in-house, which reduces lead times, ensures consistently exceptional quality, and keeps your costs low. With an across-the-board commitment to excellence, we work tirelessly to ensure the services we offer in each of our production departments utilizes the most advanced technology and latest best practices. In addition, every one of our professionals on the shop floor embraces our culture of continuous improvement and regularly receives professional training. Our finishing department is no different, and our paint and powder-coat technicians are adept at working with the most innovative finishing products and leveraging the latest techniques.

Moreng Metal Products’ technicians begin by utilizing a three-stage, in-line pretreatment system to prep your metal components, ensuring a superior bond with our long-lasting, hard-wearing liquid- and powder-coat lines. Once this is complete, our paint pros move your components to the powder or wet spray booths, which deliver consistent, repeatable coating and excellent coverage for maximum durability. Your components are then moved to a curing oven, where they are baked to produce a tough, durable finish that resists abrasion, rust, corrosion, high heat, and forceful impacts.

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