Using an end-to-end approach, Moreng Metal Products manufactures ruggedized uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and battery-backup systems for the transit and transportation industries. This equipment ensures that mission-critical systems like traffic signals and roadway lighting have constant, uninterrupted sources of power, since outages could have catastrophic results if not properly supported by these systems. We also fabricate and assembly UPSs for mass transportation by sea or rail, where power outages could cause serious problems and massive delays.

The critical nature of these systems means that manufacturing these products with the highest possible quality and precision is of extreme importance. Because our commitment to quality is second to none, we are often tapped to produce these systems. What’s more, our integrated manufacturing approach brings together two often-disparate groups: our engineering and design team and our shop-floor team, who work in lockstep to eliminate errors and delays caused by misinterpretation and a lack of communication.

Our in-house fabrication and finishing teams work to build UPSs using state-of-the-art systems and advanced technologies such as our AMADA punch/fiber laser combo machines, CNC press brakes, and robotic welding cells. Once the components are complete and mechanical components assembled, our systems-integration team can complete full box builds, joining wiring and electrical components to your assembled metal components, then conducting comprehensive safety, functionality, and performance testing, which speeds time to market and cuts costs while meeting your strictest standards and requirements.

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