Industrial Equipment

By streamlining the supply chain down to a single source, we make it easier and more affordable for industrial equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, and end-users to acquire custom-fabricated components and complete systems that meet even the highest quality standards. While we can absolutely produce standard enclosures and cabinets, we specialize in conceptualizing and building equipment that meets much more complex needs.

Industrial equipment must adhere to strict safety and quality standards and be able to perform exceptionally well without fail. We partner with you to build custom enclosures, cabinets, manufacturing cells, ductwork, and more with an integrated manufacturing approach enables you to have greater control over the entire process, from conception and prototyping to fabrication, testing, and delivery. This strategy not only gives us strict control and allows us to adhere the most complex requirements, it also reduces lead times and manages costs.

We can machine components that are capable of withstanding extreme conditions, absorbing shock and vibrations, and adjusting to dramatic temperature fluctuations. Our 3D modeling program allows us to identify and correct errors before they enter the fabrication stage, preventing delays and shortening time to delivery.

Once our shop takes over, we work hand-in-hand with the designers to ensure your precision-machined components are manufactured exactly as designed. Our precision machinery makes exceptionally tight tolerances possible, so we’re able to produce components and systems for applications where exacting accuracy is required. From raw components to complete box builds, we have the experience and expertise needed to ensure every piece we manufacture meets the highest functionality, safety, and performance standards.

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